oh androgynous prince
why fire too much
serotonin like candy cannons
shooting holes through clothes
too big we drown in vacant space
what doesn’t bore you kills

and i am a jukebox

spitting out thoughts in Madonna-style stop
staring with those bird eyes you better go
when pious aunties go rogue on blue Skittles and Vicodin

*cough* run *cough*

i threw a school DJ in the trunk
i threw a school DJ in the trunk
fuck, i threw a school DJ in the trunk!

[screeching tires]

we are roaming on the edge of this city
with our heads in the otherwise bodies over the ledge

they are staring, won’t notice
I said, nobody will notice

except they


!get in the car now! drool like a madman!

forget where you came from pretend if you aren’t already keep running on quicksand, we’re out of time does it matter where we are? ditch your shadow before you enter
but never forget where you belong we’re stitched to teenagers
consigned to lives of servitude with eyes
running wild at seeing doors leading to

wherever we are not